New Account Setup

Please complete all fields and upload the requested documents (in PDF or JPG format) to create a new ML Schedules™ Software user account and related Group(s).


GROUP INFORMATION. If you are an internal district staff member who will be submitting requests on your own behalf (i.e. not for a group, team, club, etc), use your first and last name as the Group Name.



Class Description
Group A This group is for:
Non-Profit community events where a majority of the participants are Pleasant Hill residents.
Groups with a reciprical relationship with the district (PTO; Boosters; Parks & Rec, etc.). 
Custodial fees may apply when coverage is necessary after hours or on weekends.
Group B This group is for:
Non-Profit, local civic organizations (maximum of one per organization per year)
Tournaments and/or games where out of town, school age teams and players are involved. Not a school district sponsored event (maximum of one per organization per year)
Group C This group is for:
Non-Profit community events, with a majority of Pleasant Hill residents, such as, but not limited to, recitals, fund raisers, plays, shows, etc, that are not school sponsored.
Group D This group is for:
For Profit community events that include a majority of Pleasant Hill residents.
Group E This group is for:
Non-District and/or For Profit events not sponsored by the school or school district and/or may not include a majority of Pleasant Hill residents (shows & performances; out of town groups; etc)
In-District Group This group is for building use requests for school sponsored events only.

Non-District Groups: Upload the Group's Certificate of Insurance and its Expiration Date.

Additional Group Files Enter name and then upload file.

Note: Your Group can only have 1 Classification per District and not all Districts use Classifications. Contact your District for more information.
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